Linda Szynkowicz, Founder and CEO of Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., joins Steve Stern on The Stern American Show to explain how Fight Voter Fraud (FVF) is working hard to clean the voter rolls with “One Vote For One Legal Voter”™ as their mantra.

Fight Voter Fraud has assembled a “Silent Army” of trained researchers who conduct quiet research, follow leads, and verify data to identify instances of potential voter fraud to assist or file complaints with various governing agencies, including law enforcement, and/or pursue litigation. FVF is willing to pursue all avenues to expose potential voter fraud to advocate for election integrity.

This is a systemic problem facing our democratic infrastructure—voter rolls form the foundation of everything in election administration. Beyond the concern of potential voter fraud, voter rolls should be clean to ensure the accurate execution of our elections. One of the easiest ways to ensure accuracy in election administration is the removal of deceased voters and voters who have moved out of town and/or state from voter registration lists.

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