Job One: Get Connecticut’s Election Officials the help they need

Imagine if Connecticut had a full time election workforce with ample time to apply standard vetting process to each registration and absentee ballot. Trust in Connecticut elections would soar and so would Connecticut’s turnout which would be record breaking. But that is not where we stand today.

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FVF Featured On Yankee Institute’s Podcast “Y CT Matters”

FVF Featured On Yankee Institute’s Podcast “Y CT Matters”

ameron Atkinson, a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, is leading the suit on behalf of Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., a Connecticut-based “non-profit, non-partisan” group created to “advocate on behalf of all disenfranchised voters, regardless of party affiliation.” He provides insight into the suit and the upcoming primary, as well as protecting the voting process.

PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Primary Election Offers Hope for the Future

In a stunning turn of events, the Bridgeport, Connecticut September primary results have been overturned, leading to the announcement of a new primary election. This decision comes in response to mounting concerns and allegations of potential election fraud involving...


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