Today, Linda and I were invited to testify on Election Integrity issues to Rhode Island Lawmakers in support of HB 6099

Supporting Testimony by Dominic Rapini – April 12, 2021

In Connecticut, Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is becoming increasingly aware of a problem that afflicts our brothers and sisters living in Connecticut without US citizenship. Immigrants are voting in undetermined numbers after being registered to vote through voting drives, automatic DMV registrations or through thoughtless political operatives. Immigrants can apply for Drive Only licenses which do not communicate citizenship status.
We have been introduced to undocumented citizens that have been registered to vote and who have voted in multiple elections. Not understanding the gravity of their mistake. The only way they discover their error is when they apply for US citizenship and their voting history shows up and invalidates their application. In other words, they ruin their chance to become lawful, US citizens.

Testimony – Bill 6099 Rapini

Supporting Testimony by Linda Szynkowicz – April 12, 2021

In Connecticut, we need to clean & maintain the voters rolls of people that no longer live in the State of CT, of those that have passed away and remove the 200,000+ inactive voters. We need to clean the voter rolls, so we know exactly who is eligible to vote in our elections.

Testimony Bill 6099 – Szynkowicz