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From your personal computer you can take your time
and report voter fraud in as much detail as you can
provide. All reports go directly to our investigators.

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The citizen reporting App, report it® has created a capability to report
suspected voter fraud from your smartphone. The Fight Voter Fraud
reporting option in report it® is simple to access and use. All reports
go directly to our investigators.

Click here to download the App

If you don’t have the App downloaded, no worries.
When you witness voter fraud TEXT: voterfraud to
63975, and we will send you a mobile reporting link. All
reports go directly to our investigators.

How to Report Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud can be found throughout your community. It takes the form of coercion of voters, bribery of the homeless, professional ballot ‘harvesters’ taking advantage of the elderly and the infirm – often in convalescent facilities, group homes or senior housing. On election day untrained or corrupt officials may not verify IDs or hide ballots in a back room. Some people have been caught taking advantage of shift changes to vote multiple times in person and/or via absentee ballot. The creativity of those who don’t respect the integrity of elections is staggering. We have now empowered you to say something, if you see something when you witness voter fraud. Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. provides you three quick ways to report these crimes. All reports can be anonymous.

‘Red Flags’ you can help us identify.

Your tip may be anonymous but please provide as much detail as you can!

My ID wasn’t Verified
Absentee Ballot request form sent to me without request
I know of someone that is soliciting Absentee Ballot Request Forms.
I am Aware of a deceased person stil on voter list.
I know of a voter that moved out of the area and is still on the voter list.
I am aware of false names being utilized on voter list.
My party affiliation was changed without my consent.
I know of a non-US citizen that voted.
Voter Suppression/ Intimidation.

See Something, Say Something

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“Silent Army” battles for Clean Voter Rolls – everywhere!

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