Writ of Error Filed Against Judge In Bridgeport Ballot Stuffing Case
Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Continues To Lead the Charge For Election Integrity

December 15, 2023, Bridgeport, CT — Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., a 501(c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to safeguarding the voting process in our Representative Republic, has filed an appeal with the Connecticut Appellate Court by a writ of error in the high-profile Bridgeport, CT, ballot stuffing case after the presiding judge declined to issue arrest warrants for Wanda Geter-Pataky and Eneida Martinez and declared the statute unconstitutional, despite the state law existing to safeguard the power of “We The People” in our voting process.

This pivotal development follows the organization’s work on November 21, 2023, where Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. used a powerful state statute that allowed “We The People” to force action against Geter- Pataky and Martinez. Three Bridgeport voters examined the evidence presented in court records and signed affidavits supporting criminal complaints for Geter-Pataky and Martinez. These three elector’s signatures pushed forward the applications for arrest warrants for Wanda Geter-Pataky and Eneida Martinez to be signed by the Superior Court Judge, according to Connecticut State Statute: 9-368.

Attorney Cameron L. Atkinson, counsel for Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., stated that “It is beyond shocking that any Connecticut judge would declare a state statute designed to ensure public confidence in the integrity of elections unconstitutional of his own accord in an undocketed proceeding without the benefit of any input from parties. The decision is emblematic of a broader problem in Bridgeport: Winning a Bridgeport election requires election fraud, and our institutions will turn a blind eye to it. We have appealed to the Connecticut Appellate Court and will speedily move it to transfer this case to the Connecticut Supreme Court.”

The writ of error asserts a series of claims, including a violation of the Bridgeport voters’ constitutional rights. It emphasizes that this statute, crucial in the private initiation of prosecutions for violations of state election laws, is designed to ensure a public remedy to maintain the integrity of elections.

Linda Szynkowicz, Founder and CEO of Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., stated, “Our hearts go out to all Bridgeport voters wanting fair elections – a right granted to us by the state and federal government in our Representative Republic. Justice delayed is justice denied – and We, The People, will prevail.”

Fight Voter Fraud remains steadfast in its commitment to transparent, fair, and secure elections.
Since 2018, Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. has identified countless errors in individual voter registration that lead to opportunities for voter fraud. The organization calls on citizens, elected officials, and law enforcement to stand united to support the efforts to rectify the alleged violations in the Bridgeport ballot stuffing case.

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