Ever since May 2019, Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. has been quietly focused on effectively cleaning the nation’s voter rolls. FVF, Inc. is a 501(c)4 nonpartisan, non-profit voter integrity organization that is currently active in nine states across the U.S.

We differ from other voter integrity organizations in our approach as well as our results. Our person-byperson individual research strategy is highly effective, and the results can directly impact what is necessary to make changes that help to preserve the integrity of our Republic. Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is committed to providing rock solid, tangible court permissible evidence to the proper election officials in each state so that the voter rolls can then be updated to reflect only current, living residents.

The past couple of years have allowed FVF Inc. to utilize our unique process for identifying individuals who have potentially infringed on any election laws. We are currently investigating 394,940 of those individuals across Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

At present our analysis of the research shows that 92% of these cases of individuals categorized as having potentially infringed upon election laws already have enough clear evidence to be brought to the attention of the proper legal authorities.

Fight Voter Fraud, Inc.’s main goal is to help restore faith in the democratic process for each U.S. voter.

We do this through holding state and local governments accountable to maintaining clean voter rolls. We believe in “One Vote for One Legal Voter.”

In the coming months we will be addressing state specific findings and trends, and when the time is right releasing more of our data which clearly demonstrates the overall issues that we are facing as a nation.
Our work highlights the effectiveness of our process in restoring accuracy and transparency to the voter rolls in each state where we are working.

Linda Szynkowicz

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