In a stunning turn of events, the Bridgeport, Connecticut September primary results have been overturned, leading to the announcement of a new primary election. This decision comes in response to mounting concerns and allegations of potential election fraud involving absentee ballots.

This is an incredible win for all voters and what we are advocating for at Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Over the last four years, we have focused our support on voter roll cleanup and voter education – the Bridgeport decision is a prime example of why the work we do is so important. We all deserve to live in a fair representative Republic where fraud has consequences.

Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. CEO, Linda Szynkowicz shares the following on this news, “We, at Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. are extremely pleased that Bridgeport Superior Court Judge William Clark’s decision is one step in the right direction to restore confidence in our voting system in Connecticut. We are committed to cleaning the voter rolls and firmly believe in “One Vote for One Legal Voter.”

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Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is a non-partisan organization committed to upholding the integrity of U.S. elections and ensuring that every legal voter’s voice is heard. We work tirelessly to promote transparency and accountability in the electoral process, advocating for measures that prevent fraudulent voting and protect the democratic rights of citizens. Learn more about our mission and initiatives at

“One Vote For One Legal Voter”

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