Middletown, CT, January 30, 2024 – Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. (FVF) continued its efforts to ensure election integrity across three judicial districts in Connecticut on January 25, 2024, applying for 206 arrest warrants for criminal violations of Connecticut election law in the towns of Guilford (13), Haddam (3), Madison (7), Middletown (35), Milford (46), and New Haven (103). The same investigation has uncovered thousands of similar violations in every town in Connecticut, and FVF expects to make more applications in the coming months, including hundreds of potential double voters.

“In order to have confidence in elections, we need to have clean voter rolls, voters need to follow the law, and those that break the law need to be held accountable,” said Linda Szynkowicz, Founder and CEO of Fight Voter Fraud, Inc.

FVF’s investigation found that while registered to vote in one town, individuals had reportedly relocated their permanent residences between 2018 and 2020 to different towns and states but continued to vote in their registered town, according to government records. This activity constitutes fraudulent voting under Connecticut election law and is a felony. FVF will be providing 100% of the evidence produced in its investigation to each town’s registrar to assist them in safeguarding elections.

“When someone commits an election-related crime, they hurt all of us. Our society depends on confidence in fair elections to maintain the public trust in our government. Election fraud dilutes the value of everyone’s vote and robs us of the societal confidence that legitimizes our governments,” commented Attorney Cameron L. Atkinson, counsel for Fight Voter Fraud, Inc.


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“ONE VOTE FOR ONE LEGAL VOTER.” TM Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is a non-partisan organization committed to upholding the integrity of U.S. elections and ensuring that every legal voter’s voice is heard. We work tirelessly to promote transparency and accountability in the electoral process, advocating for measures that prevent fraudulent voting and protect our Representative Republic and the rights of citizens. Learn more about our mission and initiatives at www.fightvoterfraud.org

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