October 31st, 2019 – Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. announced today that the Plaintiffs in Bonadies, et al. v. Morrison, et al., have reached a temporary agreement with Hamden officials that eliminates the need for tomorrow’s previously scheduled injunction hearing. The case was transferred to federal court earlier today.

The lawsuit, filed on October 22nd, was brought after an Fight Voter Fraud  investigation into absentee ballots showed that applications were being sent to institutions such as nursing homes and elderly housing without attribution to an accountable individual in the publicly available absentee ballot log. The Town has agreed that for any absentee ballot applications that are given out going forward, an accountable individual will sign out those applications in the absentee ballot application log. Absentee ballot applications will not be signed out to institutions. Absentee ballots that were submitted in response to applications that were signed out to institutions will be identified and segregated, for consideration of their legality in the event that absentee ballots ultimately affect the 2019 municipal election results.

The Plaintiffs are appreciative of the Town’s willingness to change its absentee ballot application process for the remainder of this election cycle. While the current agreement applies only to the 2019 municipal election, they are optimistic that the case can be resolved with a more permanent agreement for future elections.

The Plaintiff’s intent in bringing this case has been to correct Hamden’s absentee ballot application process to bring it into compliance with the safeguards against abuse that are provided by state law. Today’s agreement between the Plaintiffs and Town Officials is a positive step by all parties towards protecting against any abuse of absentee ballot voting and should serve as a reminder to all Connecticut towns that they must comply strictly with absentee ballot laws.



Linda SzynkowiczFounder & CEO – (860) 575-7125 / linda@fightvoterfraud.org
Dominic RapiniVP of Marketing & Development – dominicrapini@fightvoterfraud.org
Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. www.fightvoterfraud.org is a non-profit 501(c) (4) employing a team of investigators and analysts to identify and fight voter fraud. Fight Voter Fraud Inc’s mission is to seek out and resolve incidents of voter fraud and discrepancies in the process that leave open the question of fraud in municipalities. The mission of Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. is to create the conditions for free and fair elections guaranteeing the fundamental right of  ‘One vote for one legal voter.’ 

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