My name is Dominic Rapini, I am a business person and father of three in New Haven County and I have been a Connecticut voter for over 40 years. Currently I am the board chair of a 501(c)4 non-profit Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Our organization’s goal is to champion issues of election integrity in Connecticut. 

The issue at hand is Bill 6408 which intends to task Housing Authority resources with the job of disseminating election materials and helping enroll Connecticut citizens as Connecticut voters.  The model describes a process whereby Housing Authority employe ……

Testimony – Bill 6408 Rapini 2:18:21

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“Silent Army” battles for Clean Voter Rolls – everywhere!

“Silent Army” battles for Clean Voter Rolls – everywhere!

Check out Cleta Mitchell's interview with Linda Szynkowicz of Fight Voter Fraud. Cleta and Linda discuss many of Fight Voter Fraud’s important — and often startling — findings, including the voting history of fifty voters from Connecticut’s Whiting Forensic Hospital –...

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