“Silent Army” battles for Clean Voter Rolls – everywhere!

Linda Szynkowicz interviewed by Cleta Mitchell

Check out Cleta Mitchell’s interview with Linda Szynkowicz of Fight Voter Fraud. Cleta and Linda discuss many of Fight Voter Fraud’s important — and often startling — findings, including the voting history of fifty voters from Connecticut’s Whiting Forensic Hospital – who are confined there because they have been deemed criminally insane and are, therefore, … Read more

SEEC Recommends Fines for Felons Voting Illegally


In response to multiple complaints filed by Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., the Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) has recommended fines for two inmates who voted by absentee ballot while incarcerated  as felons.  Another inmate never actually voted, but was issued an absentee ballot.  Issuance of that ballot was attributed to human error caused by … Read more

Fight Voter Fraud Identifies 230,000 “Extra” Voters in Connecticut

Fight Voter Fraud has identified about 230,000 voters who probably do not belong on the voter rolls in just one state alone:  Connecticut.  This includes over 500 dead people voting in the 2020 election.  You can read more about the statistics and methodology here.

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FVF Testifies Against Housing Authority Registering Voters

My name is Dominic Rapini, I am a business person and father of three in New Haven County and I have been a Connecticut voter for over 40 years. Currently I am the board chair of a 501(c)4 non-profit Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. Our organization’s goal is to champion issues of election integrity in Connecticut.  … Read more

Plaintiffs and Town Officials Reach Temporary Agreement on Lawsuit Over Irregularities in Hamden’s Absentee Ballot Application Process.

October 31st, 2019 – Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. announced today that the Plaintiffs in Bonadies, et al. v. Morrison, et al., have reached a temporary agreement with Hamden officials that eliminates the need for tomorrow’s previously scheduled injunction hearing. The case was transferred to federal court earlier today. The lawsuit, filed on October 22nd, was brought after an Fight … Read more

Fight Voter Fraud Inc. introduces ReportIt® digital tools to anonymously report Voter Fraud in CT.

October 28, 2019 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Today Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. announced a suite of innovative digital tools to provide all Connecticut Citizens the capability of reporting voter fraud with their smartphone or personal computer. In partnership with Reportit®, the trusted name in anonymous and confidential reporting, citizens can send information directly to our … Read more

Fight Voter Fraud Inc. files SEEC complaint against Hamden, CT for more irregularities in the absentee ballot request process.

October 25, 2019 Fight Voter Fraud Inc. files SEEC complaint against Hamden, CT for more irregularities in the absentee ballot request process. October 25th, 2019 – Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. filed a complaint today with the SEEC (State Election Enforcement Commission) against the Hamden Town Clerk, Vera Morrison. The complaint shows that 18 voters out of 64 that filled out Absentee Ballot Request forms and … Read more

Fight Voter Fraud files court injunction against Hamden, CT for irregularities in the absentee ballot request process.

October 22nd, 2019 -Today Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. filed an injunction in New Haven Superior Court on behalf of voters and candidates asking the court to require the Hamden Town Clerk to comply with state laws governing absentee ballot applications to ensure the fairness of the upcoming election. Connecticut’s statutes provide requirements that must be followed … Read more