About Fight voter Fraud

“Fight Voter Fraud Inc was founded by Linda Szynkowicz after running unsuccessfully for State Representative in the 33rd in Middletown, CT in 2014, 2016 & 2018. She observed many instances of potential voter fraud and before the 2018 election reached out to the CT Chief States Attorney’s office for assistance and was told, “We don’t have the resources. Go to the SEEC.” (State Election Enforcement Commission) The SEEC doesn’t have the resources to follow up on all the information and takes a year or more to come down with their finds. Even though in 2018, it was a Federal election, the Feds can’t get involved within 30 days of an election because it would look like they were interfering with an election.

Linda decided that someone need to do something about the broken voter system in Connecticut and because of her personal experiences, the choice was obvious. She had to be the one to speak up for all the disenfranchised voters. After many months of putting together the process of how to combat the issues, she formed the nonpartisan nonprofit 501 (c) 4, Fight Voter Fraud Inc. a Research and Investigative organization that would compile public information and be able to prove that Connecticut was in violation of the 1993 “Motor Voter Law”.

The requirements for DMV to be able to register voters in essence said the list need to be accurate – All deceased people need to be removed from the list, voters that moved out of town and/or state needed to be off the voter registration lists, plus make sure that only US Citizens were registered to vote.
Our information gathering is extensive and we are building our database to be able to prove ineligible voters have skewed our elections. This is the only way to be able to get the problem fixed is to show facts.

We are also separating out SEEC violations from potential intentional voter fraud issues and will be bringing them to the proper authorities. This data accumulation is extremely labor intensive, but Fight Voter Fraud Inc is up to the task.
Our sister 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization End Voter Fraud Inc will be building a “clean database” of Connecticut voters and comparing their list, town by town to that of the State of Connecticut. It will also be doing educational videos on how to spot voter fraud, report it to us and prevent voter fraud in their own communities.”