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Press Release: More Questions Raised about Election Data Integrity

More Questions Raised about Election Data Integrity Voting data indicates potential underaged voters in 2020 election MARCH 23, 2021 – Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. – Research into Connecticut’s 2020 election data reveals evidence of underage voting. Six individuals registered on the Connecticut voter rolls are listed as being under 18

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Connecticut Election Integrity Primer

The purpose of this Primer is to help the uninitiated quickly understand the depth of the issues around Election Integrity and the potential to diminish our elections through diminished turnout out, new potential for fraud, and voter apathy that comes from a lack of trust in our election institutions. Connecticut

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Fight Voter Fraud vs CT Supreme Court – August 2020 decision is finally reached

This Decision by partisan Judges deemed the unconstitutional expansion of the Absentee Ballot process was ‘limited’. In this context, ‘limited’ included every voter in Connecticut as eligible to vote Absentee in contradiction to our State Constitution. See the Fight Voter Fraud Brief and the Supreme Court Decision in this post: “Although the

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